About Trounson Automation

Trounson Automation LLC is a technology licensing company that was established by General Patent Corporation (GPC) in 2005 to expand the uses and applications for the invention covered U.S. Patent No. 5,926,389 “Computer Control System for Generating Geometric Designs.” The purpose of the company was to expand the uses and applications of this patented technology among major motion-control systems manufacturers, and eventually commercialize the technology via licensing of the Trounson patent.

The technology covered by this patent has applications in computerized motion control systems and components for those systems such as server amplifiers, servo motors and server communication devices, as well as in servo control software. The key applications for this technology include multi-axes of motion as well as the display of shapes on video screens or via a printer. James Trounson was the inventor of ‘389 patent.

Trounson Automation is a portfolio company of IP Holdings LLC, the IP-centric merchant banking affiliate of General Patent Corporation. Trounson Automation is managed by GPC, and General Patent was the exclusive licensing agent for the Trounson patent which has since expired.

General Patent’s assertion and monetization efforts on behalf of Trounson Automation resulted in the licensing of the Trounson patent to five major motion-control systems manufacturing groups.